SCHAKI Osnabrück


Why Doric chose Schaki Osnabrück!

Charity is explained at a very early stage of a freemasons career. It can be said that it is a dis­tinguishing characteristic of a Freemason.

DORIC chose this charity as many of its members are fathers and were completly hoodwinked to this.

We were invited to a “self help” group in Osnabrück to get to know the faces behind children. Simply moving! Each set of parents explaind their own unique situation.

As a result of this DORIC has re-doubled its effort on the charity front and is in the process of raising money, planning days outs and BBQs for the families we also aim to help to doante items which aid the kids day to day lives.

A Stroke is often associated with the elderly. Unfortunately, few know that this topic is increasingly affecting more and more children – even babies. According to current estimates, there are approximately 300 to 400 children every year – some numbers report 500 – with strokes. One third of them are babies (both in the womb or shortly after birth). The number of unreported cases IS probably much higher, since many strokes in children are not recognised or diagnosed as such.

For the children as well as their parents, a stroke means serious obstacles in everyday life. Things that used to be taken for granted are very nearly impossible. There are also many problems in school and family time. The result is many families with stroke children feel desperate and alone with the multitude of unfamiliar situations.