58th Installation of WM and Office bearers.

February saw the annual installation of DORIC LODGE 886’s new Worshipful Master WBro Tim Stanton and his office bearers.

With bacon and sausage butties to tantalise the tastebuds before close Tyle at 11:00, close to 50 brethren signed the tyle.

A prompt start at 11:00 saw WBro Steve Shirley start things off as the installing master. When the GM, MW Bro Glyn Edmonds and GL officers demanded admittance a nice rendition of the death march from Star Wars could be heard playing from WBro Secretaries desk. Installation board in place things started to tick along nice and smoothly. The highlight of the day for the newly installed Master was that his father was in attendance who is also a PM of their mother lodge. Lodge St Ninnins 66 in Scotland. Unbeknown to WBro Tim, WBro Steve S and WBro Andrew M had given Bro Pete Stanton PM, ritual to learn in order to put his son “in the chair”. Very moving for WBro Dad and Son. For those with a good Masonic Eye. The WBro Father IS indeed wrongly attired. He left his regelia in Scotland. His son bailed him out with his own MM apron from Mother.

After a quick whisky and a call off, the new Master installed his office bearers for the next Masonic year and then it was onto the festive board superbly organised by Bro Paul Bennet. The WM hopes to see as many of you on the road during his tenure in the chair and reminds you of a warm welcome when you find time to visit Doric in Osnabrück.