Doric Lodge 886 500th meeting

A visitors book boasting 50 brethren from 4 continents, 8 Grand Lodges and numerous lodges made Dorics 500th meeting a day to remember.  The United Grand lodges of Germany was represented by the Grand Director of Ceremonies Brother Eduardo Floes Bermudez

The lodge was opened in due form and after the formalities, the Most Worshipful Brother Jeremy Stevens Grand Master of British Freemasons in Germany took the masters gavel and did a superb banner dedication ceremony. The gavel was proffered back to WBro Tim Stanton, Worshipful Master. 

The business carried out was presentations of Charity Jewels and 2 collars. The recipients of the collars where Brother Peter Anderson and Brother Franz Aiger who incidently travelled from Austria. Grand Lodge Certificates were presented to those brethren who had been on their masonic journey for 25yrs or more. 

 The lodge was called off briefly for the above photo. The lodge was closed for the 500th time and then we turned the lodge rooms in to a theate of sorts…..

More pictures and bits of reel will appear here in the next few days.