2 Years in the making.

Rewind 18 months to 2 years ago when Corona was a new word in our vocabulary and all sorts were happening globaly. Doric was still doing what it does best. That is supporting the Lodges charity. SCHAKI.

We had asked SCHAKI families to approach us with a shopping list of sorts that would help make things easier for the kids in their day to day lives. They didn’t disappoint (link here).

DORIC got wind of these 1 handed keyboards and after some discussion was deemed a great idea. So we ordered some and waited and waited and waited and waited…..you get the picture. The keyboards are made in Austria but most of the parts came from China and the far East. Covid and the disruption to shipping played the main part in their delay. Mails to and from Austria asking for updates were met with just a few words that had become known to us all “Factories in China shut down” “Shipping delays due to Covid” So we waited.



The End of January saw a parcel landing at the Charity Stewards house. They had only arrived.


Now the hard work began. We had to get a date for the handover of the keyboards to Tanja, the SCHAKI coordinator for Osnabrück and the neighboring area, as well as getting the maximum amount of families in attendance. 

We managed to find a suitable date and that was Sunday just past. 13th March 2022. Off Doric marched to Tanjas garden where we were treated to the typical Sunday ritual of coffee and cake. We met some of the families and obvioulsy got the photographs in.


To finish off. Here is a collage put together by Tanja for her social media. What is really good is that her son Ben can be seen on the computer going through the numerous tutorials for the TiPY keyboard bottom middle and middle right.