DORIC helps SCHAKI once more.

DORIC lodge once again rallied around and donated to SCHAKI. This time it was a bit different. Not in the monetary sense but something that the kids can use straight away.

Above is a “one-handed shoelace” something that I might have used in a different life while being paid to be fit. But taking a step back and breaking it down makes perfect sense and can only improve the life of the recipient. If they have a partial inability to move either arm this is the perfect solution and surely a feel-good factor of being able to tie (in this case pull) your laces together. I remember it took me ages to learn to tie mine. When I did it gave me huge satisfaction. What a simple thing this brings to the kids of SCHAKI.

Above is what else we gifted the SCHAKI kids. I am reliably informed (left to right) that they are cutlery sets, a plastic plate set with spikes to hold the food while you cut it. Again a simple life hack that is amazing. Finally the “Bop it” that we all know or hate. Perfect for coordination skills and exercise in lieu of physiotherapy. Not pictured is wooden playing cards….Why didn’t I think of that when my kids were tiny.

A huge thanks for WBro Steve S for making this happen.