Doric hosts SCHAKI kids at the Waldbühne, Melle.

Again Doric is hosting SCHAKI at Melles Waldbühne. With a registered intrerest of 30 heads just from SCAHKI it goes to show the bond and trust that is growing between our organisations. Again kids go and eat free making sure the parents also have a good time with us.

There is another event palanned for later on this year. Watch his space.

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    This will actually be the first proper joint event with Schaki. It will the Osnabrück Selbsthilfegruppe who as stated have responded with 30 kids, mums and dads attending, bolstered by another 17 from Doric Lodge. This is about them though primarily so the numbers are fantastic. Tickets are already ordered and badges for ALL the kids purchased. Fingers crossed for a sunny day. I watched the Premiere of the show on Sunday as my daughter is in the play too. It was really good but aimed at the younger ones. The kids will love it. If any other brother wants to come along (especially with little ones) simply ask. This is the pre-cursor to several other events with Schaki over the summer and hopefully a successful day will lead to a great future for both organisations.

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