SCHAKI, Dorics charity.

So CORONA aside, whats been happening in the DORIC/SCHAKI world for the past 6 weeks….?

In March DORIC hosted Frau Silvia Tietzen for the parents of SCHAKI. Doric lodge members were also invited along. Silvia is an “Expertin für Plegegradeinstufung” Simply put this means that she is able to give advice to parents on what they are able to claim and at what level. As an outsider looking in, this is a vast minefield. Silvia was asked a whole range of questions and very nearly had an answer for each one. This helps the parents to navigate the complexities of having their sibling “assessed” on their disability and in turn what help they can claim for in return. All in all a very positive evening for all. Some of Dorics members were left a bit speechless as to the complexities the parents go through in order to get much needed help. Help will not find you, but if DORIC can give it a little prod, we will.

For more about Silvia click on the link

As was stated a few months back, DORIC was to buy and donate to SCHAKI, swim vests so that the kids can swim easier when having physio and of course when visiting the swimming baths. Well they are here and first impressions are (sadly not tested yet) they are great.

Here we can see Ben showing off the vest and indeed the color they all went for. News has it the parents are over the moon with them. Again, anything to make life more comfortable is a winner in our books.

The neoprene vest for children offers great security without sacrificing comfort and freedom of movement. The vest is 50N ISO certified. It’s equipped with PVC foam and a water drainage system.