Yara and her dolphins in Curacao.

As was previously written in the last post https://www.doriclodge886.de/charity-update-part-2/ Yara got her time with the dolphins in Curacao.

Her father, Marc sent me this video showing Yara in the water with a pair of dolphins. He says two is always better than one….right? The video is shortend but this was the theme of this video. The ball. There are two other videos which show her being pulled through the water and all you can hear is laughing and excitment. I’d say thats a result!!!

She got loads of water time and also therapy time where they work on her motor skills. At the time of writing his mail to me, his biggest fear was telling Yara its time to go home. Going home day was Friday the 10th September. So by the time, this is published I hope they are all back home safely and can look back on a very positive time for Yara.

For those that don’t know the back story, the link above will tell all.

This was Marc last line is his mail to me “Thankyou all for your outstanding support”