Doric and SCHAKI at the Waldbühne Melle

Sunday the 30th June saw DORIC members host our SCHAKI frinds at the Waldbühne Melle. With the temperature hovering around the 30 degrees mark relief was found on the correct side of the theatre were shade was present. Warm winds gave some restbite from the heat but order of the day was cool bags and plenty of liquids.

Fun was added by the Waldbühne Melle e.V in their interpretation of “Michel in der Suppenschüssel” Kids were seen to be laughing, singing and gorging on ice creams as were some of the older “kids”.

A big thankyou for all involved in making this possible.

A fantastic start to our partnership and it continues next Saturday with our Summer BBQ with our SCHAKI guests at the “Deutsche Scholle” in Osnabrück.