Doric Lodge and its families, held their annual Summer BBQ (Sommerfest), on Saturday 6th July 2019, this year held at “Die Deutsche Scholle” in Wüste in Osnabrück. It is a wonderful location and is especially suited to such events, where we plan to hold all future social events. Again though we took great pleasure in inviting the kids and families of SCHAKI, which is our chosen charity for the foreseeable future. In total 62 attended the event, which was a great success, considering that we already have the Summer Holidays in Niedersachsen and several families were unable to attend. 

Doric and our guests during the wet weather program

Doric Lodge 886 again, took on all of the organisation and of course the costs for this event so that the families once again could simply enjoy a stress free afternoon. We could see that the kids loved it, especially when they ALL “won” a raffle prize and received a goodie bag……

Christmas 6 months early…..

…..but just as importantly so did the parents – especially the Bingo!!!


To be able to relax in this mixed and integrated family atmosphere is something that they generally miss due to the isolation they face with their family circumstances. Again no problem for us – we simply welcomed them equally as we would any member of our own Fraternal family. Financial donations go a long way but our event activity is something that the authorities simply do not offer these families. Well done to Bro Paul Bennett (JW), Bro Charly Meineke and Marija (Kids Goody Bags) and WBro Ash Turley (Entertainment). Even the eventual downpour could not dampen the spirits of all those good people that attended. Thanks also to Liz and Davy at Deutsche Scholle.

Our own JD having some problems.

We at Doric are determined more than ever to promote this charity and at the same time put ourselves in the positive public eye. We may even have attracted two potential candidates  – fingers crossed. 
We intend to take the Schaki and of course Doric family, en masse to the Safari Park at Stuckenbrück towards the end of September, where once again we have taken on all the organisation and costs for the entire event for all that attend from the Doric/Schaki family. However any brother and his family are welcome to attend – simply get in touch with us by using the contact form on this website.